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Kate Ritchie
World History
Mr. Ellement


By the end of 1848 it was evident that Metternich’s ideology was becoming less

prominent and the achievements of the Congress of Vienna were being reversed.

Support and popularity for Klemens von Metternich’s conservative thoughts had

rapidly begun to decline in the eye of the public. The world around him was changing,

his believed perfect ideals such as the second Monarchy, his autocratic mentality and

destroying the middle class were discarded and ignored for new ideals such as

Nationalism and Liberalism. The Conservatives no longer had the enormous amount of

power that they previously possessed. Nationalism and Liberalism were beginning to

take over the political spectrum. The prospect of a Revolution was not appealing to

Metternich. He was one who thrived on stability and used the Congress of Vienna and

the Concert of Europe to help maintain the balance of power in Europe. However, with

talk of revolution and people’s thirst for equality, knowledge, freedom, and change his

ideals of monarchies and an autocracy were short lived. Metternich was seen as a

repressive figure in Austria and a series of small unsuccessful revolutions broke out. His

resignation on March 13th was celebrated by the people and he fled to England with his


Kate Ritchie
World History
Mr. Ellement

Revolutionary Road
Your Eye on the Revolution

Hello France, Katerine Riché here with breaking news on the revolution. I’m live reporting to you from the castle of the Royal Family. A new development on leader of the Jacobins, none other than Robespierre. We have just received word that our favourite revolutionary has begun to take control of the New Republic of-you guessed it- France. We the people are excited to say the least. It’s about time that we see justice for the past four years of crimes against innocent people. The King, Queen and Royal Family have been reported attempting to flee the Country. No word yet on how Robespierre is taking this. But I think we can all assume he’s might offended. Here’s hoping he decides to have them arrested. We do know that the Jacobins hate to be disrespected, I think it’s safe to say we can hope for much more than an arrest. After all, it’s only fair.

The inspiration that Robespierre and the Jacobins have instilled in us, the people of France, is sweeping across our beautiful country in a frenzy. It seems as though everyone-well, everyone who matters-is praying for the execution of the Royal Family, that means the King too. After all, they did break the law and rules are rules and we all know what happens to law breakers. We the people are enacting justice through Robespierre and the courageous Jacobins. We want justice for how we were treated these past four years. Our people were slaughtered in the streets. We demand justice for the fallen ones who died fighting for our cause and justice will be served when the heads of the Royal Family roll across the ground of our bloodied streets.

Oh, this just in, it appears that our desires are about to be satisfied. It’s official, the Royal Family has been scheduled for execution, no word on how they’re taking the news. Let’s hope they’re feeling some regret and remorse for their actions, not that it will help anything. We’ll be back with more of these gruesome details after a quick break. Don’t change you dare change that channel and make sure you stay tuned for more updates on the revolution. Once again, this is Katerine Riché signing off for now and this has been Revolutionary Road: Your Eye on the Revolution. Thanks for watching.

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Table of Contents

Sydney Collet Introduction to the Anthology 1

Nav Jandu Title Page 2
Rion Meehan Introduction to Poetry 3
Palwasha Temor You are Beautiful 4-6
Lauren Parker What It Was 7-8
Nav Jandu Theft 9
Kayla Wojcik Some Shitty Poetry 10-11
Molly Slater Real Life Fairytales 12-15

Rion Meehan Preservation 16-18
Elena Sorak Our Solitude 19-20
Sonya Filman Never Ending 21
Kaitlyn Kirkwood My Wish 22-23
Shakura Dickson-Scarlett Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 24
Jessica Craigie The Life of a Man is an Empty Hand 25-26
Kate Ritchie Give Me Lust, Give Me Malice, Give Me a Break 27
Nav Jandu Concrete Rose 28
Shannon Cuciz Bovary’s Backtalk 29
Stephanie Truman Artistry 30

Short Stories:
Jessica Craigie Title Page 31
Jenny Cahute The Three Little Wolves 32-33
Kayla Wojcik Stab My Eyes Out 34-36
David Jobe Skylar in the Night 37-38
Palwasha Temor Rumpelstiltskin Speaks Back 39-40
Katie Lawson The Rape of Persephone 41-42
Celeste Robitaille Pyg 43-44
Shannon Cuciz One Mother’s Advice: A Jamaican Folktale 45-46
Jessica Craigie The Life of a Confused Woman 47-49
Emma Collins Kappa 50-51
Nolan Tanner Everything Tastes Like Liquorice 52-53
Blake Bottoms Erebus 54-57
Mathew Towers Dark and Twisty, Extra Crispy 58-60
Sonya Filman Caught 61-62
Lauren Parker Bellatrix Lestrange: Failure at the Ministry 63-65
Melissa Truman Belief 66-67

Amanda Malahevsky The Art of Defiance 68-70

Travel Writing:
Elena Sorak Title Page 71
Cam Deboni Introduction to Travel Writing 71
Neil Godin Waiting to Wait 72-73
Cam Deboni He Was Once Into the Wild 76-77
Medraut Stowe My Journey into Hell 74-75
Celeste Robitaille A Recipe for Soul Food 78-80

Jenny Cahute Title Page 81
Blake Bottoms Introduction to Novels 82
Alex Hague The Tortoise and the Hare 83-84
Elena Sorak The Killer Queen 85-86
Katie Lawson First 87-88
Sydney Collet Annabel Lee 89-91

Chloe Yang Title Page 92
Sydney Collet Pandora 93-109
Chloe Yang “In Bruges” 110-116
Molly Slater Edmund’s Last Soliloquy 117-121
David Jobe After the Fight 122-127

Graphic Text:
David Jobe Title Page 128
Rion Meehan Introduction to Graphic Text 129
Palwasha Temor The Origin of Unicorns 130-136

The Life Line(Additional Pieces)
Emma Collins Title Page 137
Katie Lawson The Whore of Babylon 138-140
Chloe Yang Wherefore Art Thou Bill! 141-142
Stephanie Truman The Title of a Fruit: An Orange 143
Shannon Cuciz The Rainbow of Writing 143
Shakura Dickson-Scarlett Magic 144
Melissa Truman Jane and Henry 145-146
Blake Bottoms Escape and Birthing within the Dreamscape 147-148
Sydney Collet Entangled Emotions Make Messy Masterpieces 149-150
David Jobe Emerald Waves upon Black Beaches 151
Kaitlyn Kirkwood A Collection of Art Forms 152-153
Sonya Filman The Café 154
Nolan Tanner A Birthday Carol 155-158

Nav Jandu Title Page 159
Autobiographies 160-169