Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Table of Contents

Sydney Collet Introduction to the Anthology 1

Nav Jandu Title Page 2
Rion Meehan Introduction to Poetry 3
Palwasha Temor You are Beautiful 4-6
Lauren Parker What It Was 7-8
Nav Jandu Theft 9
Kayla Wojcik Some Shitty Poetry 10-11
Molly Slater Real Life Fairytales 12-15

Rion Meehan Preservation 16-18
Elena Sorak Our Solitude 19-20
Sonya Filman Never Ending 21
Kaitlyn Kirkwood My Wish 22-23
Shakura Dickson-Scarlett Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 24
Jessica Craigie The Life of a Man is an Empty Hand 25-26
Kate Ritchie Give Me Lust, Give Me Malice, Give Me a Break 27
Nav Jandu Concrete Rose 28
Shannon Cuciz Bovary’s Backtalk 29
Stephanie Truman Artistry 30

Short Stories:
Jessica Craigie Title Page 31
Jenny Cahute The Three Little Wolves 32-33
Kayla Wojcik Stab My Eyes Out 34-36
David Jobe Skylar in the Night 37-38
Palwasha Temor Rumpelstiltskin Speaks Back 39-40
Katie Lawson The Rape of Persephone 41-42
Celeste Robitaille Pyg 43-44
Shannon Cuciz One Mother’s Advice: A Jamaican Folktale 45-46
Jessica Craigie The Life of a Confused Woman 47-49
Emma Collins Kappa 50-51
Nolan Tanner Everything Tastes Like Liquorice 52-53
Blake Bottoms Erebus 54-57
Mathew Towers Dark and Twisty, Extra Crispy 58-60
Sonya Filman Caught 61-62
Lauren Parker Bellatrix Lestrange: Failure at the Ministry 63-65
Melissa Truman Belief 66-67

Amanda Malahevsky The Art of Defiance 68-70

Travel Writing:
Elena Sorak Title Page 71
Cam Deboni Introduction to Travel Writing 71
Neil Godin Waiting to Wait 72-73
Cam Deboni He Was Once Into the Wild 76-77
Medraut Stowe My Journey into Hell 74-75
Celeste Robitaille A Recipe for Soul Food 78-80

Jenny Cahute Title Page 81
Blake Bottoms Introduction to Novels 82
Alex Hague The Tortoise and the Hare 83-84
Elena Sorak The Killer Queen 85-86
Katie Lawson First 87-88
Sydney Collet Annabel Lee 89-91

Chloe Yang Title Page 92
Sydney Collet Pandora 93-109
Chloe Yang “In Bruges” 110-116
Molly Slater Edmund’s Last Soliloquy 117-121
David Jobe After the Fight 122-127

Graphic Text:
David Jobe Title Page 128
Rion Meehan Introduction to Graphic Text 129
Palwasha Temor The Origin of Unicorns 130-136

The Life Line(Additional Pieces)
Emma Collins Title Page 137
Katie Lawson The Whore of Babylon 138-140
Chloe Yang Wherefore Art Thou Bill! 141-142
Stephanie Truman The Title of a Fruit: An Orange 143
Shannon Cuciz The Rainbow of Writing 143
Shakura Dickson-Scarlett Magic 144
Melissa Truman Jane and Henry 145-146
Blake Bottoms Escape and Birthing within the Dreamscape 147-148
Sydney Collet Entangled Emotions Make Messy Masterpieces 149-150
David Jobe Emerald Waves upon Black Beaches 151
Kaitlyn Kirkwood A Collection of Art Forms 152-153
Sonya Filman The Café 154
Nolan Tanner A Birthday Carol 155-158

Nav Jandu Title Page 159
Autobiographies 160-169

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